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One of Stacey's primary goals in working with her clients is to empower personal choice and responsibility.  One  effective way to do this is to provide an opportunity for each individual to create a quote symbolizing his/her own journey;  whether it involves courage, strength, love, forgiveness, compassion etc..  These quotes can be used as a personal mantra.  It is remarkable how one client's quote can become another client's mantra.  When this occurs, the clients' sense of "aloneness" tends to diminish, and realization of  healing begins.  Below, are a few inspirational quote's  from Stacey's clients.

"A Trauma Therapist is someone who helps kids with bad milestones in their lives."
                         T.K., ~ age 12

"EMDR is really hard, but you can go really far, farther than in a car, but still EMDR is Hard."
                                                          T.B., ~ age 17

"Family is: Laughing, Talking, Communicating, loving and respecting with eachother."
                                                          P.H., ~ age 17

Thoughts ....

"I Can Do Hard" is a quote from Bo Lozoff, one of my favorite writers.  No other sentence sums up the strength and resilience of an individual quite like this one.  This is especially true with the Holidays right around the corner.  The Holiday season often raises our stress level for many reasons; old memories come up, missing family members who have passed on, financial stressors, big changes in routine and high expectations often contribute to feelings of overwhelmed-ness and stress.

Remembering Bo's quote on these difficult days is just one strategy for maintaining a sense of calm for oneself.  Taking each day one step at a time and being mindful of positive self-care are sure ways to help maintain resilience during stressful times.  Some small daily ways to accomplish this seemingly impossible feat include, playing a favorite song on your phone/ipod, finding time to check in with a good friend, watching a favorite movie or reading a book.  Keeping up with routines as much as possible (i.e eating habits, bedtimes) also will help provide a feeling of comfort and predictability through the busy season.

Utilizing positive resources strategically can be effective in countering extra demands placed upon us during this busy season.  Asking others for support and even offering to help others, aids in feeling useful and needed.  If negative feelings such as sadness, isolation, or self-harm thoughts become increasing, reach out and talk to a friend or a counselor.  If necessary, call Crisis Services 834-3131 for assistance in feeling connected.  Last but certainly not least, take a big deep breath and reminding yourself  "I only have to get through this next minute...hour...night" is extremely powerful in creating a sense of control. 



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